The Roofing Process: What to Expect

Many customers say that knowing what to expect eases their concerns about getting a new roof. We have found that when our customers are prepared, the delivery and installation process goes more smoothly. Having this knowledge makes for a win-win situation for the customer and the contractor.

Material Delivery

Once you have signed a proposal and made your deposit, we will work together with you to schedule your roof installation. We provide you with samples of roofing materials. We can also give you addresses of roofs we’ve installed locally to help you make your shingle decision. Once your materials are ordered, someone from our office will contact you to let you know when to expect your delivery. We do not deliver these materials ourselves, so there are certain guidelines to follow to ensure a worry-free delivery.

  • On the day of your delivery, it is important that your driveway is cleared of vehicles so that our supplier can get as close as possible to the house.
  • In most cases, our supplier will unload the materials directly onto the roof. In rare instances, if roof access is limited, the materials may be delivered on the ground.
  • You do not need to be home for this delivery.

Roofing Installation

Mark’s crew generally will not begin the installation the same day the materials are delivered, but work will begin shortly after. Again, someone from our office will contact you a day or two before installation is scheduled to begin. In order for the installation to go smoothly, please note the following recommendations:

  • Keep your driveway clear during the installation process.
  • Our crew may need access to electricity. If you do not have an outdoor outlet, please use an extension cord and leave it under the garage door or out the corner of a window. Let Mark know if you have a problem with access to power.
  • Installing a new roof can be a noisy and dirty process. Dust and light debris may fall into attics and garages when your old roofing material is being removed. Cover or move any items you don’t want to get dirty. If you need assistance with this, please let us know, and we will be happy to provide this complimentary service. Mark’s crew will ensure that job debris outside of the home will be cleaned meticulously.
  • There may be banging causing vibration in your home during the installation process. Move valuable objects away from the edges of shelves to avoid possible damage.
  • If your pets are sensitive to noise and activity, consider crating or boarding during the day to reduce their anxiety.
  • Installing a new roof involves the movement of several tons of material. Rarely, this may cause superficial cracks or nail pops in your drywall. Although uncommon, this occurrence is regrettably unavoidable, and we cannot be liable for them.

If you have additional questions or concerns, please call our office. It is a priority for Mark that his customers are comfortable with the process before, during, and after the job.