Replacement Windows and Doors

Windows are a combination of form + function. Windows not only let in light and air, they also add character and personality to your home. Replacement windows are easy to clean and offer many exciting options and features to consider when improving your home.

Entry doors not only provide security and peace of mind for your family, they can also reflect the individuality of the owners within. Whether you are replacing an entry door or a storm door, the choices can be overwhelming. Let Mark help you navigate your options to meet your style and your budget.

Window/Door Installation: What to Expect

Many customers say that knowing what to expect eases their concerns about getting new windows. We have found that when our customers are prepared, the delivery and installation process goes more smoothly. Having this knowledge makes for a win-win situation for the customer and the contractor. To assist in making the process of having replacement windows installed on your home easier, please make note of the following:

  • Please move furniture away from the windows and/or doors being replaced and remove any window treatments. Please let us know if you need assistance with this.
  • Occasionally, when we are installing new windows or doors, we find unexpected rotten or damaged wood framing. It is necessary to fix this in order to properly install the new windows. Mark will discuss the cost of any additional carpentry work with you.
  • our interior and (if applicable) exterior trim will be re-used. If you want us to install new trim, there is an additional cost for materials and carpentry. Please let Mark know if that is an option you are considering.
  • If your pets are sensitive to noise and activity, consider crating or boarding during the day to reduce their anxiety.

Please see our Roofing Services page for more information regarding what to expect for scheduling and delivery of materials.